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A Headstart on Headstart Talk

Published by under Beta on Mar. 18. 2011.

I am a fan of Headstarts. Depending on the popularity of the game, launch is always a hectic time. Headstarts tend to “help” in that you start by getting some of those people who want to play your game in earlier than the general population. of course, Headstarts can sort of tend to not help, in the case of Rift, where almost everyone pre-ordered and got in early, which mad the Headstart a pain, just like a normal launch day.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a different approach to a headstart, if Swtor has one. First I wouldn’t mind seeing the Headstart broken down by pre-order, Collectors and normal. Normal pre-orders would get a headstart, but not as long as the Collectors. Collectors would get, say 3 extra days prior, to login and play the game. This way you have those, like myself, that are really dedicated to playing the game a chance to get in prior to the general population that just pre-orders to get in early.

Now, sure, this is about getting into the game before the mad rush, but it is also about a fun start to what is probably going to be the MMO a large population of the MMO world is waiting for. Launch day is rarely fun, in any MMO. I think a break down in headstart invitations might help alleviate the congestion that seems to plague the initial launch of almost every game that comes out. So what are your thoughts on how a headstart should be handled?

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