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30 days of Free Game Time: Not Just for the 50s Anymore

Published by under community news on Apr. 14. 2012.

Have you been playing SWTOR for a while now and felt like you got the short end of the stick by not getting some free game time just because you don’t have a level 50 character? Well no need to fret. BioWare’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk announced that not only will 50 days of free game time be awarded to all those players with a level 50 character, it will now also be awarded to anyone with a legacy level of 6 or above.


This comes after some community members complaining about not getting the game time just because they have not had the time to get a character to max level. This makes a lot of sense, some players love to play a lot of alts, some have hectic lives that keep the from always devoting a lot of time to the game, and some  have switched servers to try and find a home that is right for them. But these players are just a loyal and dedicated as someone who has a level 50, they just may not have the time on their hands to have reached that point just yet.


Players will have until noon on April 22nd to reach this goal. So if you want those free days, but have not had a chance to get a character till level 50 or Legacy level 6, you have a few days to make it happen. We all love free game time so hop on those characters and make it happen!


You can read the official post from Dr. Greg after the jump. Continue Reading »

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Thank You Gifts From BioWare

Published by under community news on Apr. 12. 2012.

Who’s the cutest little snow horse/camel creature? You are, that’s who!

No MMO can survive without a dedicated player base, that’s just the nature of the beast. In order to say thank you to all the players who have stuck with them so far BioWare has decided to give a couple thank yous to all the active subscribers of SWTOR.

First off, any player who has a current active subscription will receive the Legacy Tauntaun Ram Pet. In order to receive the in-game pet you must meet the following criteria either today or on April 21st.


  • You must have purchased the game and redeemed an official Game Product Registration Code at the Code Redemption Center.
  • You must have signed up for a recurring subscription using a valid payment method OR redeemed a Game Time Code.
  • Your account must not be banned.


But the gifts don’t stop there. If you currently have a level 50 character you will be receiving 30 days of free game time. That’s right, a month of free time just for having been on of the many dedicated players of the game. You still must meet all the criteria listed for the Tauntaun pet, with the slight addition of having a level 50 character as of noon today. It’s a pretty sweet deal and it’s BioWare’s way of giving back to the players who have shown the most dedication to the game.


If you are one of the players who has cancelled you subscription for any reason and want to come see what the new game update has to offer you are in luck. Starting on April 13th, anyone with a former subscription will be able to log back in from the 13th until the 19th without having to resubscribe. It’s a great way to test the waters if the new features of 1.2 have you interested in returning to the world of SWTOR.


With all these little gifts, and all the new features included in today’s update, it is a damn good day to be a SWTOR player.

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A Look At Star Wars: The Old Republic

Published by under community news on Feb. 22. 2012.

BioWare released a new video on Tuesday entitled “A Look At The Old Republic”. In it various SWTOR developers talk about their feelings on the day of launch and are even treated to a few clips of the crew as the opened the servers on the first day. We are also treated to the thoughts of a few players on what they think of the game so far, including a few in game experiences they have been a part of.


According to the video there have been over 2 million copies of the game sold, and over 14 million characters created by the players! Outside of that the video does not reveal much information, and most of it is old news to current players. It is still a nice little recap of the game from it’s launch to the present day, and a great video to show off to any of your friends who you are trying to convince to get in game with you.


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