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TOR Lore- Origin of the Sith Pureblood

Published by under Lore on Sep. 15. 2011.

Female Pureblood 

There are some alien species within the Star Wars universe that anyone can recognize. You could show a picture of a Twi’lek, Wookiee, or Rodian to just about any random person on the street and they will be able to tell you that have seen them before, even if they can’t tell you their name. Yet there exists, in The Old Republic, several species that even some of more dedicated fans may have little to no prior knowledge of. Today we are going to take a look that the history behind one of those species, the Sith Pureblood. You will never see a Pureblood in the movies, and they don’t show up in very many of the games or stories in the expanded universe. Despite this, they are, in my opinion anyway, one of the most interesting species in TOR as their history is tied to the very beginnings of the Sith faction.

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TOR Lore- Class Species

Published by under Lore on Sep. 08. 2011.

Let me go ahead and say this right up front, I am a lore nut. To me the idea of spending an evening surfing the pages of Wookieepedia to add even more knowledge to my arsenal is an evening well spent, so I am very interested in how lore is going to affect The Old Republic once it is released. And don’t kid yourself; it is going to affect how the MMO plays out, and not just through the story. Like it or not, lore is going to affect gameplay in this title. It’s impossible to get around it; the lore behind the Star Wars universe is too massive and too important to fans for Bioware to sweep it under the rug when making decisions about gameplay. At the end of the day lore will probably be trumped by gameplay, but if you think it is not going to be taken into account you are sadly mistaken. Continue Reading »

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For every human there is a non-human

Published by under Species on Aug. 07. 2010.

A red guy, a green guy, a blind guy and an evil guy walk into a bar… That is how we can sum up the latest Friday update by Sean Dahlberg. Joining the Rattataki, Chiss and Twi’lek are 4 new distinct species. Empire’s fans can be very happy because they will be able to choose to be Sith Pureblood, descendants of the original Sith race and they will be fierce Sith Warriors. Another Empire fan favorite, the Zabrak, are making an appearance. One of the most notable Zabrak is Darth Maul, the double-bladed lightsaber wielding, sharp head horn wearing Sith that killed Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode I. The Zabrak will be awesome Sith Inquisitors.
Republic is not so lucky. They will be able to play wise and mystical, yet somewhat frog looking Mirialans as Jedi Consulars. If you like green, than they are the way to go. To somewhat save the situation there are Miraluka. Although they are blind as bats and sport a hood over their faces, they are very skilled with the force and see their surroundings entirely through the Force. All future Jedi Knights will be able to play as these force masters.
This way each class will have a playable non-human species representative. The prospect of having certain races limited to playing only certain classes is bumming out some of our community friends (Jacob from for one) and I hope that this imposed lack of choice will work out fine in the end.

Miraluka Mirialan Sith Pureblood Zabrak

As a special treat we also have a new Timeline entry narrated by everyone’s favorite synthetic, Mr. Lance Henriksen. This one talks about The Mandalorian Wars and we see the beginning of the fall of Revan and Malak, which I am sure all Knights of the Old Republic fans will appreciate. Making his appearance in the video is also Lt. Carth Onasi, one of the most loved characters in the original KOTOR game.

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