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Building Your Story Part II: Scripting

Published by under Role Play on Mar. 23. 2012.

((The RP XP with MJ #31))



The Zabrak Padawan made his way through a back alley of Coruscant’s Old Galactic Market with the body of his shrouded master cradled in his arms. Tarik glanced over his shoulder at the Rattataki woman behind him, barely registering her on-guard posture and the long lightsaber hilt held in her hands.


We’re in your neck of the woods, Tarik,” Veetha sneered. “Why all the shadowy back alleys? Tryin’ to make me feel at home?”


Because you’re Sith, for one. Because I don’t want to attract the attention of Coruscant Security for another.”


Veetha reached out and gently tapped his shoulder. “Aww, that’s sweet. The lil’ Jedi cares about me.”


Not for a second. I just don’t want to… have….” Tarik stopped before they got to the cross-street and his arms began to tremble. He lowered himself to his knees, his expression blank, his mouth hanging open as Veetha stepped up next to him and crouched to his level.


What’s wrong, kid?” She touched his arm and shook it gently, but Tarik continued staring into nothingness. Suddenly nervous that she was going to be swarmed by Jedi who sensed her presence, Veetha stood and turned, holding up her hilt to defend herself.


Yulie,” Tarik whispered.


Veetha spun.“What?”


Leaving his master’s body in the alley, Tarik stood and suddenly turned the way they had come.


Tarik? Where the hell are you going? What about your master’s carcass?”


Ignoring her, the Padawan picked up his pace. He didn’t look back as he called out,“She needs me!”


Veetha watched him hurry back down the alley, her eyes wide. The Padawan didn’t answer. She figured this Yulel was probably another Jedi – they were always running to each other’s aid, weren’t they? There were two reasons she felt compelled to join him. First, she felt something for him. His determination surrounded by a boyish innocence was somehow …entertaining.


Second, she was a Sith’s apprentice… alone on Coruscant.


Veetha broke into a run to catch up with Tarik.



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