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Tag Archive 'RP with MJ'

Are you programmed for etiquette and protocol?

Published by under Role Play on Dec. 09. 2011.

((The RP XP With MJ #16))



Yulel sat on the floor of the cabin aboard the Regail and nervously stroked her lekku. She brought her head tails over the front of each shoulder so she could hold them as she sat on the floor and rocked like a pouting child.


“This ain’t fair, ya know.”


The armored trooper stood in the open doorway of the cabin. He stood alert, his rifle held at port-arms. He wore his helmet so Yulel didn’t know if he was looking at her, at the wall, at the floor….


“You got a name, flatfoot?”


The helmet moved slightly. The electronically-augmented voice came out. “The name’s Wex. Not that it’s any of your business, thief.”

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Firing Your Own Canon

Published by under Role Play,Uncategorized on Nov. 18. 2011.

((The RP XP with MJ #13))



Padawan Tarik sat next to the smuggler Yulel in the passenger compartment of the Regail. His eyes fell upon the Twi’lek spice runner with adoration beyond the simple recognition of her abilities and strength of survival. He dabbed at a scrape on the side of her face with a medicated pad but his eyes remained glazed on the unbroken beauty of her profile.


She glanced at him and he pulled away quickly, blushing and looking down at the Kolto salve tube in his other hand. She said, “You don’t think I should have brought this, do you? You think I should have left it.”


Yulel held up a clear crystal shaped like a chiseled tube no bigger than her little finger.

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