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Quick Start Guide: Maps and Navigation

Published by under community news on Feb. 19. 2012.

Eric Musco, Social Media Coordinator for BioWare, gives players the run down on all the handy map features in BioWare’s second installment in their Quick Start Guide series, titled “Maps and Navigation”. The video goes over a whole slew of navigation related tips; such as bind points, speeders, how to tell if you’ve been to a taxi station before, map filters, the map magnifying glass, and other helpful items.


Veteran players might be quick to pass over the Quick Start guides, but even they may be able to learn a thing or two from these videos. For example, I still occasionally run across players who either don’t know about the Emergency Fleet Pass or don’t know where it is located (it’s in the general section of the abilities tab by the way). The Emergency Fleet Pass allows you quick travel straight to the fleet, though it carries a hefty cooldown time of 18 hours. You can buy other Fleet Passes from a Security Key Vendor (they have a far shorter cooldown period) but everybody gets the Emergency Pass once they hit level 10.


Another aspect of the maps that Mr. Musco covers is the ability to toggle different icons on your mini-map as well as your main map. This is something that I was not aware of and can really help cut down on the clutter players can get on their mini-map when in areas with a lot of vendors, such as the markets of Coruscant or Dromund Kass.


You can check out this video over at the Quick Start Video Guide page over at

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