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Guild Summit Begins Monday

Published by under community news on Mar. 04. 2012.

Guild leaders from around the world will be heading to BioWare offices in Austin, Texas on Monday to participate in the first ever SWTOR Guild Summit. Players will get the chance to talk with developers and get a first look at upcoming game features. Though thousands of applications were sent in BioWare simply did not have the room to allow everyone in, which is why they are going to be live streaming some of the events on Monday. The schedule for the live stream is as follows:


  • 10:00AM CST (4PM GMT) – Welcome and Introductions
  • 10:30AM CST (4:30PM GMT) – State of the Game and Game Update 1.2 Presentation
  • Break (Livestream offline from 11:00am to 2:00pm)
  • 2:00PM CST (8:00PM GMT) – Operations and Flashpoints Discussion
  • 2:45PM CST (8:45PM GMT) – Player vs. Player Discussion
  • 3:30PM CST (9:30PM GMT) – Legacy Presentation
  • 4:00PM CST (10:00PM GMT) – Economy and Crew Skills Discussion
  • 4:30PM CST (10:30PM GMT) – Roleplayer’s Discussion
  • 5:00PM CST (11:00PM GMT) – Guild Features Discussion
  • 5:30PM CST (11:30PM GMT) – User Interface Presentation
  • 6:00PM CST (12:00AM GMT) – …And The Rest


If you can’t watch the events live don’t worry, BioWare will be posting recordings of the events for people to view at their leisure. We here at SWTOR-Life will also be posting updates of new game information as we watch the live stream, so make sure to check us out on Monday for all the latest news and updates!


To watch the events as they unfold head over to on Monday.

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Guild Summit Update

Published by under community news on Feb. 14. 2012.

The application process for the upcoming Guild Summit has ended. All the guild leaders who applied for an invitation should expect to hear back from BioWare in a few days after they have the time to review everyone’s applications.


BioWare also announced that certain parts of the summit will be broadcast on a livestream, including presentations by developers and feedback discussions. This way even players and guild leaders who cannot attend are able to participate, great news for anyone who has ideas they want to share but are unable to secure an invitation or able to take time off work to head to Austin for the event. Even if you cannot catch the livestream BioWare will be posting videos of the event after it has ended.


BioWare will be revealing more details as we get closer to the event date. Keep watching SWTOR-Life as we bring you all the updates as they are announced.

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