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TOR Lore: The Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat

Published by under Lore on Dec. 08. 2011.

No matter your opinion on the prequel trilogy, you have to admit that they got one thing right: lightsaber combat. The quick flurries, flashy moves, and amazing acrobatic feats really showed off how cool it is to fight with a lightsaber. Since the development of the modern lightsaber, seven distinct fighting styles have surfaced that take advantage of the lightsaber’s unique properties and capabilities. Last week we looked at how the lightsaber was developed, this week we are going to look at each of the fighting styles utilized by those who wield these mighty weapons. We will explore both the philosophy behind these forms, as well as their advantages and disadvantages in combat. Continue Reading »

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TOR Lore: Lightsabers

Published by under Lore on Dec. 01. 2011.

There are not many items that scream Star Wars more than a lightsaber. The mere sight of one can induce feelings of nostalgia and recognition in any Star Wars fan in a way that few other things can. Though in its original conception it was intended to be a weapon used by many different people in the Star Wars universe, it eventually became a tool that could only be utilized by Force Sensitive beings. To a Jedi, a lightsaber is a tool, something to help them maintain peace and to measure their attunement to the Force. For the Sith, it is a weapon, a way to impose their will on others and to serve as a symbol of their strength and superiority. The mere sight of one can stop a conflict before it begins, and those who have witnessed one in action can speak of the lightsaber’s ability to inspire allies, or cause a sense of dread in opponents.  But how were these weapons first conceived, and how do they even work? I will answer these questions for you in this week’s edition of TOR Lore. Continue Reading »

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