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TOR Lore- Origin Worlds pt. 3 Nal Hutta

Published by under Lore on Oct. 27. 2011.

After a week of hiatus due to me moving into a new place TOR Lore is back! This week I’m walking you through the history of Nal Hutta, capital of Hutt space and starting world for the Bounty Hunter and the Imperial Agent. Though it was not the original home planet of the Hutts, it is now the one they call home to their species and where the Hutt Cartel hold their meetings. Its swampy, bloated terrain matches the form of its masters, and it is part three in our look at the origin worlds in SWTOR. Continue Reading »

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Dalqak Joins SWTOR Life – Force is Disturbed

Published by under Site news on May. 19. 2011.

Call me Serge the Hutt and be warned that SWTOR Life is my little criminal cartel. After all, I now have three Bounty Hunters present, shooting their articles at the world. That is right, the latest addition to our writer lineup is Dalqak, the Bounty Hunter. He will make a great addition to SWTORCrafter and BorukBH’s Bounty Hunter gang. Judging by his first article he is also a writing force to be reckoned with. We are very honored and humbled he decided to join the gang and I recommend you watch out for this guy, I am expecting great things coming from him.
Here’s a bit of information about Dalqak:
“No stranger to the Lucas’ beloved universe, Dalqak spent the formative years of his life mucking about with Star Wars action figures in his parents’ basement. One of his earliest cinematic memories was seeing Return of the Jedi in the theaters, and after that, the rest was history. Thankfully, it’s only slightly less socially acceptable these days to do the same thing as an adult.
Dalqak comes to us on loan from the loveable scamps over at Mongbat, where he has been a proud member for over 3 years, and where he currently heads up the SWTOR wing of their gaming enterprise. When not gaming or slaving away behind a desk, you might find him concocting all manner of strange dishes in his kitchen, or polishing his bacta tanks. ”
Welcome aboard! (the slave pens are that way and you will be getting your serving or stale bread later in the evening)
P.S. If you really want to see what Serge the Hutt would look like click here.

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