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BioWare Introduces “Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic” Program

Published by under community news on Mar. 07. 2012.

Do you have a friend who is interested in playing SWTOR but just can’t decide if it is for them? How about a family member who you want to hop in game and spend some time with you? Well now you can can offer them a limited free trial, courtesy of the “Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic” program. Anyone who currently has a paid subscription will have a chance to invite up to three friends to participate in a one week free trial, during which time they can explore any of the Origin worlds.


Players can invite their friends by heading to and entering the name and e-mail address of the person they want to invite. That person will then receive an e-mail informing them of the process they need to go through in order to get in game. Your friends will have 14 days to start their trial period from the time they receive their e-mail, so make sure they don’t wait too long before ashing in on their free trial. Their character data will not be deleted when their trial is over, so if they decide they want to purchase the game they don’t need to worry about losing any progress they made during their trail run.


For all the details head over to the offical SWTOR site and read the official news article outlining all the details, and this handy FAQ to help answer any questions you might have.

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