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April 27th Community Q&A

Published by under community news on Apr. 28. 2012.

Friday, oyu are indeed an amazing day. it’s the herald of the weekend, a day for fun with friends and family, and of course the day that the team over at BioWare takes the time to answer some of the community’s questions about SWTOR. This week the developers answer some questions about future game events, dual spec, a groupfinder, character transfers, crafting crit chances, and a whole slew of other topics.


As usual there is a bunch of great info that comes out of these weekly Q&A sessions that make it worth every SWTOR player’s time to check out the full article. Some of the future features are subject to change of course, but getting a little insight into what the team is working on for future content is always awesome. You can read all of this week’s questions and answers after the jump, and we would love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below. Continue Reading »

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Rakghoul Outbreak to be Contained by the 24th

Published by under community news on Apr. 18. 2012.

That’s right folks, the Republic Containment Officers are working hard an expect to have the Rakghoul infestation to be contained by the 24th, specifically on the 24th by 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST). Make sure to avoid Tatooinee (or the fleet) at all costs until then to help prevent the spread of these horrible monstrosities around the universe!


Unless you are the brave sort, then you will have until the 24th to gather all the Rakghoul DNA they can in order to buy any of the special event items being offered, and to gather the special Republic Containment Officer gear. It seems like new dailies are available each day for those who are participating, so make sure to complete them all each day in order to unlock new ones for the next day!



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Published by under community news on Apr. 04. 2012.

Are you one of the lucky few who will able to attend PAX East this weekend? If so you can expect to see the SWTOR Developers there talking about, and showing off, game update 1.2.


Attendees will have a chance to meet and chat with the Developers, play some of the new 1.2 content (using the Razer peripherals developed for The Old republic no less), and will even be able to grab exclusive Black and White Tauntaun Mini-Pets, which can only be obtained by coming to one of the events SWTOR will be at this year. James Ohlen will also be part of a panel put together by titled: The Future of Online Gaming. this panel will be discussing where the MMO genre is going in the next 10 years, and attendees are welcome to bring questions to ask members of the panel.


Check after the jump for a full list of events this weekend, and if you are one of the lucky few who will be in attendance we hope you have a ton of fun! Continue Reading »

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