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BioWare Releases PC Performance Optimization Guide

Published by under community news on Jan. 30. 2012.

If you have been to the forums lately you just might have noticed a few threads that contain players complaining about performance issues. Developers and maintenance teams have been working hard with players to find and fix the source of many of the performance issues they are experiencing when running SWTOR including, but not limited to; error codes, lows FPS, client crashes, and system errors. Today Avi Mintz, Associate Project Manager for the client engineer team, released a guide that her team compiled to help players optimize their PCs performance when running the game.


But do not think that is the end of the issue. Avi encourages players to continue talking with the team about any issues that they are experiencing when they run the game so that her team may continue to add to their optimization guide so everyone can get the best SWTOR experience possible. She also gives big thank to players who have given constructive feedback on the problems so far.


If you are having any performance issues then head over to the optimization guide and see if there are any tips in there that will help you out.

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