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Beta surveys sent out

Published by under Beta,news on Jun. 16. 2011.

It seems that the Beta expansion is starting effective immediately. Not long after stating that they “recently transitioned into longer-term and larger-scale testing” it was announced yesterday that a batch of survey emails were sent out to people “across the US, UK and EU”. This survey comes from their external testing partner Magid so don’t get confused. These surveys are part of their marketing research and upon completing them you should get a “real” beta invite email if you are eligible for testing.

Just to make things perfectly clear, the order of steps for this latest beta invite is the following.

  • You get an email from Magid inviting you to fill out their SWTOR testing related survey.
  • Once you complete this (and if you are eligible) you should await for a subsequent email from Bioware telling you you’ve been admited
  • Do the jig (warning: graphic violence)

Being that these situations are what phishers love the most please check if your email is really from Magid and don’t go giving out your passwords, credit card numbers of firstborn children if asked to.

Also, here’s a list of steps you should take if your inbox is as empty as mine (or if you are Canadian):

  • cry (warning: graphic violence)

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