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End game, mounts, new CGI trailer – all at E3

Published by under E3,video on Jun. 05. 2011.

Here’s some honest, heartfelt and hopefully friendly advice for #SWTOR fans: take a deep breath and know we’re making an amazing MMO that IS coming. Trust me. It’s coming. 🙂

The above was tweeted by Stephen Reid, Community Manager of The Old Republic. Having met the man I can tell you he is the least bulls**t person in marketing I’ve met so far. The quote above, it is actually his honest opinion. After seeing Friday, pre-E3, information blast we come closer to sharing his sentiment.
Information was released through the official site and its Friday Update as well as through Gamespot and What we know now from this info blast is what we can expect to find out more about at E3.

  • End game content (introducing the first raid The Eternity Vault)
  • High level gameplay on Tatooine with Imperial classes
  • New Cinematic Trailer (last of the trilogy)
  • Something about Alderaan (I am thinking PvPvE scenario)
  • Vehicles (mounts)
  • Auction house and social hubs

Next big thing is the trailer released on Gamespot that shows all of the game’s systems and for the first time we officially see player mounts, auction house and social hubs. You can see the trailer bellow:


Gamespot also sat down with the developers and grilled them about what is planned for E3 and after E3. They cover everything from PvP to player economy so make sure you check out their article here.
In line with the reveal of the new Advanced Classes page on the official site, got a chance to sit down and talk to Georg Zoller and get some new information about the advanced classes. You can read the whole story here.
Here’s an interview with Daniel Erickson about E3 that Gamepost did:

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One Response to “End game, mounts, new CGI trailer – all at E3”

  1. Rikon 05 Jun 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Everything looks great except that gawdawful space combat. It’s like wow, cool stuff (timewarp back 20 years) what the heck is that? Then back to cool stuff again.