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SWTOR UK Fan Site Summit Coverage and Giveaway

Published by under SWTOUR on May. 01. 2011.

It is hard to pick out any particular coverage of the Fan Site Summit, because 15 fan sites were present and we think all of them did a great job. We are biased towards one of them because writer for SWTOR Life, MrWarlock, also represented his own site – SWTOR UK at the Summit. We had chance to hang out with Mick for those few days at the summit and I can tell you he is one proper human being. Now that I met him I truly regret not living closer so we can hang out more often in person. What you also need to know about him is that he is exclusively an MMO gamer and he’s been playing MMOs since Ultima Online. Story and some such tomfoolery is of no concern to him, or is it? To find out I recommend you read his articles from the Fan site summit – they are a jewel.

SWTOUR Part 1 – Story
Random Pic’s From SWTOUR
SWTOUR Part 2 Combat & Gameplay
SWTOUR Part 3 Points To Note
Screen Shot From SWTOUR & Friday Update

I would also like to point out that he is running a giveaway of swag he got at the summit. You can read all about it in his SWTOUR swag article and get a chance to win the book Deceived as well as a Sith t-shirt and hat.

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