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Published by under on Dec. 22. 2011.

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One Response to “SpeederBike”

  1. Thomason 02 Feb 2014 at 11:48 am

    i love speeders pod racers and all the tech i am only an 12yers old boy maby b its time to let go and to fel and not to think to much its time that whe all start to use our instingts and listen to what obi wan sed to luke on the melenium falcon about leting go right i mean that if we strt going into what he siad and start doing reserch on this howe nows what might hapen maby you can acturly lurn the whase of the force imean like comon right lots of peapol are gifted with special things and powers and all sorts of stuff but the piont is that you never no what could hapen and maby you can lurn the whays of the force.eny whay userly i do complx and not so complex drawings of speedesand lots of uder things and show how they are going to work in the future but the exciting thing is that alot of all this tech allredy exists to day and meny new things is being testid now to day so get redy for the amazinng future and things have allredy started so maby in the next 10 ore 50 years you whill se speeders land speeders and abit later on the air speders all thaks to geoge lukas stephen hawkings neutons laws and ideas and theorys and morgan freeman and me Thomas Lund ormerod and of course that brileant mathe matition and phycesist michio kako wich hase a funny name.

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