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Darth Malgus vs. Sean Dahlberg

Published by under humor on Jun. 29. 2010.

So I am going through some tweets from a bunch of TOR related people. I come across this tweet by one of the SWTOR Community Managers. Apparently, there is a poll on the official forums asking who would win in a fight: Darth Malgus or Sean Dahlberg. For those of you that are not good connecting names to actual characters … Sean Dahlberg is the main community manager for the game and Darth Malgus is our main bad guy in the game, Sith Warrior of great power and malice and a star of both cinematic trailers released so far. Sooooooo … who wins – Sean or Malgus? Cast your vote here (if you have the official forum account, and if you don’t you should!).

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