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Bioware Mythic

Published by under humor on Jul. 02. 2010.

Mythic Entertainment is a developer and publisher of a well publicized, but somewhat lackluster MMO based on a well loved and known world of Warhammer (no pun intended – I know the chicken and egg story in this one and I am allowed to make fun of it!). They were lately mentioned in the news since they took over the European operation of Warhammer Online from an outsourced company GOA. They are also owned by EA (used to be EA Mythic at one point). What does this have to do wih SWTOR?

Bioware, developer of SWTOR is also part of EA and they seem to have “NOM NOM”-ed Mythic so it is from now on known as Bioware Mythic (notice whose name is first here!). There was some talk a while back about the two studios becoming a part of the same MMO/RPG department within EA, but this was never confirmed. I guess that now they are not separate entities anymore. I hope swtor benefits from all the experience Mythic is bringing to the table and also that they leave all the bad stuff in some dusty corner in the old office.

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