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SWTOR Sunday Community Initiative

Published by under community news on Jul. 09. 2011.

I love it when the community starts good events to support the game they love. The Old Republic has a very commendable community in that regard. The latest initiative stands out because its source is none of the existing fansites or affiliated people. It is started by SWTOR community member @PoeticLogic (as he is known on Twitter) or otherwise known as ContinuumComplex on official forums and a member of Jen’Jidai guild. The idea is that every Sunday, starting this upcoming one, you post a message on Twitter with a hashtag #SWTORSun describing why exactly you crave for SWTOR so much. PoeticLogic went so far to even offer a prize to one of the people that tweets this Sunday. The prize is Amazon pre-order of the upcoming SWTOR book Revan!
Personally, I love the idea and in order to support his efforts SWTOR Life will be publishing the best tweets that surface tomorrow with #SWTORSun hashtag, and hopefully every following Sunday. This is a true and honest way to show your appreciation for the game so join in with us tomorrow on Twitter.
Here’s a quote from the thread on the official forums that goes in detail about the contest and the whole idea:

You know, the devs put a great deal of time and effort into this game as well as into marketing it. And as much as we praise them for it – we also spend a great deal of time criticizing their efforts. That’s how it works, they design and we crave for more. But I think we should also demonstrate the power of a strong community by helping out with advertising. ^.^

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. So I challenge you all to join me Sunday on twitter with #SWTORSun.

What you do?:

Sunday is now SWTOR Sunday! Each sunday, post a message with the hashtag #SWTORSun and just mention one of your favorite things about SWTOR. If you have the space, include a link to the website.

Make sure you visit this link for full explanation.

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One Response to “SWTOR Sunday Community Initiative”

  1. swtorcrafteron 10 Jul 2011 at 1:47 am

    very cool and creative idea, I will do this. 🙂