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James Ohlen Talks About the Dificulties Behind Creating SWTOR

Published by under community news on Jan. 26. 2012.

Game Director for StarWars: The Old Republic, James Ohlen, recently sat down with the folks over at IGN to talk about the various difficulties associated with creating and maintaining a game with the scale that TOR has. He applauds the great job that the team at BioWare has done in creating such a massive game while still maintaining the type of gameplay that players have come to expect from BioWare, namely high level storytelling and character development.


Ohlen goes on to talk about how the team at BioWare has become even busier since the games launch, not yet having much of a chance to rest after making the game available to the public. They are constantly looking at both their own metric system and player feedback to see where they should implement improvements. As an example he attributes upcoming improvements to the Global Trade Network to the player feedback that BioWare has received.


You can read the entire article here.

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