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A Look at the New Legacy Features with PC Gamer

Published by under community news on Mar. 14. 2012.

The Day 2 Embargo on the Guild Summit has been lifted and a plethora of new information is now coming our way. PC Gamer has posted a really nice article that takes an in depth look at they star of the Guild Summit, the Legacy System. While this was an early version of the 1.2 changes, meaning everything is subject to change, it is still a great little in-depth look at some of the features we can expect to see when 1.2 finally hits the main stage.


As BioWare has said, players will be able to create a sort of “family tree” between their characters with 1.2. The exact options have yet to be announced, but in the build at the guild summit the options players had were spouse, ally, adopted child, and parent. There is likely to be a sibling option as well.


Completing Act 2 will unlock a class specific emote for that character. (i.e Consulars will unlock a /consular emote, Imperial Agents will unlock a /agent emote, ect.)


Completing Act 3 as an Empire class unlocks the following abilities for everyone in your legacy: Flamethrower (Bounty Hunter), Lightning Storm (Sith Inquisitor), Force Choke (Sith Warrior), Orbital Strike (Imperial Agent). For Republic classes: Project (Jedi Consular), Force Sweep (Jedi Knight), Sticky Grenade (Republic Trooper), Dirty Kick (Smuggler). These abilities will only be accessible when you have activated your “Heroic Moment” ability, so don’t expect to see Troopers spamming Force Coke anytime soon.


Maxing out affection with all five companion types will net each of your characters a total of +50 boost to their Presence stat, a 5-minute reduction on the cooldown for the super-powerful Heroic Moment ability, and a 1-minute addition to the duration of the buff that Heroic Moment gives you.


To purchase a race, which unlocks it for all class types without having to level a character of that race to 50 first, will cost you 1.5 million credits for each race. In addition, you must be legacy level 8 to buy it.


There are a total of 4 unarmed abilities able to be unlocked by hitting high Valor ranks through PvP. These will be perfect for brawling in cantinas but they don’t look like a full replacement for weapon skills. Each skill can alternatively be purchased for 10-25k each, and require a Legacy level between 5-15, depending on the specific skill.


Let us know what you think of these, and all other changes to the Legacy System coming up in 1.2, in the comments section below!

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