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Alderaan Tactics

Published by under Swtor Comic on Jun. 12. 2012.

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Alderaan Tactics webcomic
Sometimes it just so happens that the PvP group you have entered behaves randomly for no apparent reason whatsoever. Situation described above actually happened to me several times and to this day I can’t get over the fact it actually happened. They could have said noooo – we will go our own way. Maybe it is the issue with people not knowing where west and east are?
P.S. For those of you not familiar with internet memes – the last image is known as “My Brain is Full of F**k” and IMHO precisely depicts the feeling I have when I see people doing stuff like the above.

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One Response to “Alderaan Tactics”

  1. JakeFarmeron 23 Jun 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Same thing happened to me, group leader directed 2 to go east and 6 to the mid. I happily rushed headlong into the mid with my trooper only to die a quick death at the hands of 5 or 6 enemies. I glanced down at the mini-map and realized I was the only one who went mid, the others went west.

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