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Details about the ongoing beta test

Published by under beta testing,news on Jul. 10. 2010.

Following the announcement about the game testing ongoing a lot of questions have been raised by the community and Sean Dahlberg was quick to respond. Here are a few of the more interesting facts he brought forward, while you can read the whole post in this thread on the official forums.

  • If you participate in one of the testing stages you might not participate in a follow up
  • Tests are focused on a certain area of the game
  • Game Testing Program is all about us validating the features and design of the game
  • Testing is only in North America (for) now
  • We definitely plan on opening up phases of Game Testing to other countries before we launch (and not as a last minute “Open” test).
  • We didn’t announce that Game Testing Began today, we announced that it is underway… subtle difference but there is one.
  • Post count does not weigh any in the decision of who gets into testing

First thing, what we announced is “Game Testing”. This is currently underway and will end near the release of the game and happen in a variety of stages. We will be inviting people to different stages and just because you get invited to one stage doesn’t mean you’ll be invited back to another one. Unlike testing that many of you may have participated in with other games, we aren’t looking for people to test “everything”. Each of our tests are focused on a certain or a set of goals and areas. We want people to have clear direction on what we’d like help evaluating.

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