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SWTOR Big Beta is Live

Published by under Beta on Nov. 25. 2011.

There was a great disturbance in the Force. It is as if hundreds of thousands gamers sighed in relief and clicked on the Login button!
The day has finaly come and EVERYONE that applied for the SWTOR beta will get to experience it. So far things are doing alright. There are a ton of servers available (as you can see from the image above). Please keep in mind that the purpose of this test is to STRESS Test the severs and not to provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience. I am starting this post in order to keep you updated about any issues that might arise and any possible solutions to these problems. Here’s a first couple:

  • There is an official Launcher Troubleshooting Guide available on the official forums
  • If your play button is grayed out please double check your email, your start date and time is likely tomorrow and not today.
  • We’re continuing to bring up more EU servers; another EN one going up soon.
  • If you are unable to load characters from a previous Weekend Test we recommend you create a new character at this time. Thanks!
  • Official SWTOR: We have now opened 3 more EU servers! We thank you as you continue to #TestSWTOR.
  • Rockjaw: If you are unable to see a server list, you probably need to re-allow SWTOR via Windows Firewall. Known issue we’re fixing.
  • Rockjaw: European folk: Yes there will be more EU servers, specifically English. Remember we’re trying to stress-test this weekend.
  • Rockjaw: Anyone with questions about servers: these are not the final numbers or distribution.
  • It takes a while for the game to load and start. Do not panic if you are “stuck” on a single screen or nothing is happening when you click the Login button on the launcher. However, waiting for more than 5-10 minutes probably means something is wrong
  • Doctordake: This must be like what an Air Traffic Control center feels like. Or a newsroom command center. Or an MMO Live team.

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